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I’ve had several root canals and it never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that every root canal is a danger to the wearer’s health.  Not anyway, until I watched the Netflix movie, “Root Cause” by several doctors whereupon I was shaken into the reality that keeping any dead part of my body inside my body perpetrates a very real danger to my overall health!

Sadly, neither dentists nor endodontists are trained to understand the acute danger of leaving any dead body part inside the human body, including a dead tooth!  Certainly we all know that the dental professional takes all kinds of precautions whenever performing a root canal including cleaning and disinfecting the tooth area.  However, the tooth stops hurting once a root canal is performed because the tooth is dead!

However, through specialized scientific testing, doctors (some of whom are quite famous) have discovered that Botulism is the very least of the harmful bacteria left behind by the waste among other harmful pathogens simply by virtue of the fact that the tooth is dead!  This occurs 100% of the time when a root canal is performed!  When any part of the human body dies, all kinds of awful conditions occur such as gang-green and worse. That is why dead parts of the body must be removed!

This fact was discovered when some very astute doctors recognized that patients who reported to them conditions all the way from having had a heart attack, to suffering from depression, had undergone a root canal at the time of the onset of their illnesses!  Once the tooth was removed, the illnesses disappeared!  The harmful bacteria was and can be identified only with a three-dimensional x-ray known as a “Cone Beam.”

Although I do have some medical background, I am not a doctor, so I’m going to refer you either to watch the movie to which I referred above, or to puchase the book, “The Toxic Tooth” by Dr, Thomas Levy.  If you or someone you love has ever undergone a root canal, you honestly cannot afford not to take this precautionary measure!



Copyright 2019 by JC Fredlund

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