“Have you valued material possessions

and monetary wealth more

than you’ve valued your health?”


A Warm Hello to You!

Have you ever wondered whether or not the health of the mind affects the health of the body (and vice-a-versa)? It would seem, in talking with clients over the years, that most people haven’t. It couldn’t be more important that we take time to ponder this vitally important question; vitally important, that is, to our physical and mental health and our overall well-being.

Funny how most of us wouldn’t dream of making sure that our refrigerator is working when having our side-by-side or upright freezer repaired. Why? The reason for taking this precaution is that both are housed in the same, [steel] shell!

Oddly enough, the same is true of our body and our mind! They, too, are both housed in the same [skin] shell! This fact, is the primary focus of this blog (i.e. one cannot get well without the other being/getting well too!)

I think that you will find some very interesting blog entries here. Even if you disagree with the primary focus, (or philosophy, if you will) a sign of an intelligent mind, is an inquisitive mind. I’m guessing that if you hadn’t been inquisitive, you wouldn’t be researching my blog! So, welcome to you!

Warmest regards,
~JC Fredlund, LADC

UPDATE: I’ve relocated some of my blog entries to my seven other Blogs:


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